Enterprise data delivery via the web

GO Publisher Workflow is our enterprise data publication platform that can be easily integrated into an existing ordering service. Designed from the ground up to be orchestrated within a Service Oriented Architecture, GO Publisher Workflow provides increased business flexibility and scalability via highly configurable web based workflows. GO Publisher Workflow is capable of delivering large volumes (gigabytes) of XML/GML data to large numbers of data consumers.

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Flexible Data Delivery

GO Publisher Workflow supports multiple data delivery types: via the download API (HTTP), Zip archive, or WebDav. If the resulting order is too large to supply as a single file, the order can be divided up into multiple parts – ‘chunks’. Get your data how you want it with GO Publisher Workflow.

Integrated Workflows

GO Publisher Workflow’s 3rd party workflow integration through web based APIs – Management API – enables you to integrate GO Publisher with your existing business workflow engines for end-to-end business processes.


Create data products

Use GO Publisher Desktop to graphically configure a mapping and create a new data product. Make that product available to your customer in seconds by uploading to GO Publisher Workflow via the admin interface. Create as many products as you like for your customers to order.

Receive and Manage Orders

Once your products are deployed, receive orders either from the web or an existing ordering system.   Receive lots of orders and respond to increases and decreases in business demand. Parallel processing and auto-scaling to get the job done fast. Got a rush job? Prioritise jobs to fit with your business needs.

Data Selection

With GO Publisher Workflow customers choose how they want your data, with multiple ‘selection’ options in combination with multiple ‘chunking’ options to deliver your data in more manageable form.

Select your data

Selection options allow your customers to choose only the data they need. Select geographically, from lists of identifiers, attribute queries, temporal queries or any combination.

Chunk your data

Chunking options allow Selections that would result in data volumes too large to manage to be broken down into more manageable sizes (aka Chunks). Chunk either geographically, by attribute or by fixed file sizes.

Multiple data download options

Once an order is complete your customers can download it using the Download API, fetch it directly from a database or GO Publisher Workflow can push it to a 3rd party Content Management System.

Complete business process integration

Run Standalone, GO Publisher Workflow comes with a web-based: admin, ordering and management interface out-of-the-box to get you up and running in minutes.

Or Integrate seamlessly into your existing ordering / one-stop-shop website using GO Publisher Workflow’s comprehensive RESTful API.

Or Orchestrate with your existing enterprise SOA platform using GO Publisher Workflow API.