Comprehensive user interface

GO Publisher Desktop is the configuration tool for GO Publisher WFS and GO Publisher Workflow, providing a comprehensive graphical user interface with ‘point and click’ functionality for advanced publication of your data.

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Reduce your skill dependency

GO Publisher Desktop for Agent and WFS is completely GUI driven and requires no programming or knowledge of complex scripting languages such as XSLT. As a result Desktop de-skills the process of publishing to XML and frees up valuable engineering skills.

More benefits of Desktop

GO Publisher Workflow supports multiple data delivery types: via the download API (HTTP), Zip archive, or WebDav. If the resulting order is too large to supply as a single file, the order can be divided up into multiple parts – ‘chunks’. GO Publisher Workflow currently supports geographic chunking, file size chunking and property chunking all of which can be delivered compressed or uncompressed. Get your data how you want it with GO Publisher Workflow.

Packaged with:

GO Publisher WFS

GO Publisher WFS enables you to publish data over the internet using the Web Feature Service standard and RESTful services.


GO Publisher Workflow

GO Publisher Workflow provides bulk file publishing and is capable of delivering large volumes of data via web services.