Make your data available via Open Standards

GO Publisher enables you to publish and share your database content at an enterprise level using Open Standards. Different from other tools, GO Publisher supports any XML language including Open Standards such as GML, KML, AIXM, WXXM, or FIXM.

Like GO Loader, GO Publisher is ‘schema aware’, meaning that it can publish to any schema without requiring us to change the code. And, secondly it can do this from any ‘existing’ database model.

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GO Publisher WFS

GO Publisher WFS enables you to publish data over the internet using the Web Feature Service standard and RESTful services.



GO Publisher Workflow

GO Publisher Workflow provides bulk file publishing and is capable of delivering large volumes of data via web services.



GO Publisher Desktop

GO Publisher Desktop is our comprehensive configuration and translation tool delivered with GO Publisher WFS and Workflow.



Schema Aware

GO Publisher can publish to any schema without requiring us to change the code. And it can do this from any ‘existing’ database model.

Easy to Use

Choose how to publish your data – single or bulk files, via WFS, RESTful or SOAP web services, or even as ATOM feeds. There’s a solution to suit your organisation.

No Coding

Deployed via configuration rather than customization, no programming or technical knowledge of complex scripting languages is required.

Data Validation

Integrated data validation and quality reporting enables you to adhere to data quality, integrity and governance requirements.


GO Publisher supports 100s of concurrent users and enables you to manage business demand as and when required.

One-Click Installation

With one click deployment and a simple install wizard, you can be up and running with GO Publisher in no time at all.

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GO Publisher does exactly what we need it to do, it’s proven and it works.

Dave Underwood

MET Office