Flexible solutions for your needs

From small datasets to being enterprise ready – whatever the size of your data we have a version of GO Loader to help you start loading within as little disruption to normal operations as possible.

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GO Loader Studio

Suitable for regional-level datasets e.g. Cities, Smaller Counties, GO Loader Studio is our desktop software solution for use with Oracle, SQL Server 2008 and PostGIS databases. With unique modelling, translation and data management functionality that helps users analyse data GO Loader Studio features an easy to use graphical interfaces that guides the user through all aspects of the database lifecycle.

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GO Loader Agent

GO Loader Agent performs the same functionality as GO Loader Studio but via a command line interface script. GO Loader Agent commands enable you to perform dual data loads, process COU files as well as create indices and run GO Loader tools. Ideal for enterprise data load where you need to manage a lot of data at once, GO Loader Agent enables you to fully automate the data load lifecycle.

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GO Loader Agent


Faster Smarter Data Loading

Both GO Loader Studio and GO Loader Agent utilize out ‘schema aware’ approach to loading data, just point it at the schema and it will adapt itself to support the data.

Faster, smarter data loading

  • High speed loading – over 8000 features/sec
  • Run multiple GO Loader Agents in parallel to further increase load and update speeds
  • Monitor load progress remotely with GO Loader’s status report – essential for managing large loads!

No more bottlenecks

  • Improved management and performance of large databases with spatial partitioning
  • Save disk space by reading files in compressed form
  • Command line API enables running in batch in GO Loader Agent

Future proofed

  • Schema aware technology supports unlimited datasets
  • No software updates needed for new formats or layers
  • Future proofed, internal model is developed to ISO19107 model for geometry and topology


GO Loader enables you to load to your choice of database:

  • Oracle
  • SQL Server
  • Postgres
  • PostGIS

Project Templates

Our pre-configured Project Templates allow you to load your data in an easy 1-click process. With pre-determined settings we’ve done all the fiddly work for you. All you need to do is set your databse settings, create indices and away you go. We’re adding to our Templates all the time as AIM data standards evolve. Current supported templates include:

  • AIXM 4.5
  • AIXM 5.0
  • AIXM 5.1
  • INSPIRE Annex III Schema
  • AddressBase
  • OpenStreetMap
  • OS MasterMap
  • OS Terrain 50
  • OS VectorMap
  • Top10NL

We’ve always had Standard projects but now we also have Project Templates which enable to you add to and extend your projects to make it even easier to load your data.


Common Datasets Supported by GO Loader