Load, model, translate and manage XML data

GO Loader is the complete, easy-to-use solution for loading and managing XML data into your relational database.

Different from any other tool on the market, GO Loader’s unique ‘schema aware’ technology enables you to load any past, present or future XML (or GML) dataset without software change and time consuming upgrades.

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GO Loader Studio

Load, model, translate and manage your data using GO Loader Studio’s desktop GUI. Through configuration only – no coding required.



GO Loader Agent

Working with really big datasets? GO Loader Agent takes you to the next level with enhanced automation capabilities for bulk data loading.



GO Loader Aviation

Specifically for loading and managing AIM data such as AIXM, WXXM, and FIXM, GO Loader Aviation is the answer to next generation aviation data management .



Schema Aware

GO Loader can publish to any schema without requiring us to change the code. And it can do this from any ‘existing’ database model.

Easy to Use

GO Loader does the heavy lifting for you – quickly, easily and reliably, leaving you free to focus on delivering the data benefits to your business.

No Coding

Deployed via configuration rather than customization, no programming or technical knowledge of complex scripting languages is required.

Faster Data Loading

Capable of loading over 8000 features/sec GO Loader is a faster, smarter data loading solution.

Multi-Database Support

GO Loader enables you to load to your choice of relational database: Oracle, SQL Server, Postgres, and PostGIS.

One-Click Installation

With one click deployment and a simple install wizard, you can be up and running with GO Loader in no time at all.


“During our evaluation, we found GO Loader was faster by a factor of four… We are now running monthly COUs

Fiona Thomas