Snowflake’s GML API for Java is a proven, scalable and robust code library that can dramatically reduce the development risk, timescales and complexity of working with the Geography Markup Language (GML) from the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC).  With over 6 man years of development, 600 unit tests and 8 years of operation, Snowflake’s GML API provides Java Developers and System Integrators with:

  • A vendor neutral ISO19107:2003 Java implementation, with the ability to create:
    • JGeometry (Oracle)
    • Well known Text
    • Well known Binary (PostGIS & SQL Server)
    • NASA WorldWind Renderables
  • Support for over 20+ geometry, segment and surface patch types including:
    GM_Envelope, GM_Point, GM_Curve, GM_OrientableCurve, GM_LineString, GM_Ring, GM_Surface, GM_Polygon, GM_CompositeCurve, GM_Aggregate, GM_MultiPoint, GM_MultiCurve, GM_MultiSurface, GM_Arc, GM_ArcString, GM_Circle, GM_ArcByCentrePoint, GM_CircleByCenterPoint, GM_Geodesic, GM_GeodesicString, GM_OffsetCurve, GM_Triangle, GM_Rectangle
  • Support for over 3000 different coordinate transformations
  • Densification libraries supporting both geodesic and equirectangular interpolation
  • Support for GML 3.1.1 and GML 3.2.1
  • XML parsing compatible with SAX and JAXB
  • Adherence to OGC 12-028: Guidance and Profile of GML for use with Aviation Data

Licensing for the GML API

In order to develop using the GML API for Java you first need a Developer licence. We currently offer two types:

  1. Single Developer licence : £2000 per seat
  2. Team Licence : £8000 for a team of up to 5 Developers.


When your development is complete we offer two types of Runtime licence depending on your deployment:

  1. Application Server Runtime : £8000 per installation
  2. Desktop runtime : £500 per desktop / workstation installation