Whether you want to load XML based data such as GML, AIXM, WXXM, FIXM, S-100 to your database, or deliver your data to customers and stakeholders via web services, we can help. Our standards based software – GO Loader and GO Publisher – is enabling information specialists around the world to easily load, publish, visualise and share their data. Our ‘schema aware’ technology provides you with the flexibility to manage and transform your data, without coding but through configuration only, so that it can be used and shared exactly when, where, and how it’s needed.

GO Loader

GO Loader is the complete, easy-to-use solution for data loading, modelling, translation and management of content delivered in XML into your database.



GO Publisher

GO Publisher enables you to publish and share your database content using Open Standards. Choose from WFS or Workflow for enterprise level data publication.



Hear from our users

We had no experience of managing such a large data set but with input from Snowflake we avoided making any major mistakes.

Dave Stewart

Forestry Commission

Since GO Loader reads GML generically, if there are any new data schemas we do not need to wait for new software releases.

Fiona Thomas


We need to be able to incorporate other GML products in the future and the generic approach of GO Loader and GO Publisher gives us that.

Andrew Seales

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