Data, lots of data

We understand that Data Providers such as National Mapping Agencies, Hydrological Surveys, Cadastral Agencies, Transport Agencies, Meteorological Surveys, Geological Surveys have data, lots of data.

We’ve built a data exchange and data management product suite based around our unique experience. Our founders Ian and Eddie started their careers at Ordnance Survey where they were responsible for implementing the data re-engineering and storage system for OS MasterMap – all 450 million features of it. We understand what it is like to have to manage lots of data.

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Configuration not Customization

Many off-the-shelf GIS packages tend to struggle with high data volumes and performance requirements and in the past the lack of an off-the-shelf technology choice has pushed many Data Providers into building their own customized in-house systems. These systems are often ‘hardwired’ so creating a new data product requires considerable software engineering time and effort, resulting in delays to market and a hindrance to innovation. It’s why we offer configuration over customization.

Schema Aware

Our ‘schema aware’ technology provides you with the flexibility to manage and transform your data, without coding but through configuration only, so that it can be used and shared exactly when, where, and how it’s needed. We enable you to create and publish a diverse product portfolio via open standards – such as XML, GML and KML – using configuration and NOT software development, saving valuable developer resource and putting product managers back at the heart of product creation.

We support

Enterprise Organizations

Our GO Publisher product is used by some of the World’s most respected Data Providers to daily publish large volumes of data (100′s of Gb) to a large number of users.


INSPIRE Directive

GO Loader and GO Publisher are used by organisations in Europe to manage their data and comply with the EU INSPIRE Directive to harmonise and publish spatial information.


Ordnance Survey

GO Loader enables you to get the most out of your Ordnance Survey data products, with support for OS MasterMap layers, all OS AddressBase editions, plus OS VectorMap Local.


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Using GO Loader we can be up and running for national coverage in 10 to 12 days.

Gordon Maxwell

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