Enabling System Wide Information Management (SWIM)

System Wide Information Management (SWIM) is the cornerstone of the global Aviation IT modernisation effort, where 100’s of authoritative data feeds are currently available and 1000’s more are being built to facilitate the exchange of near real-time operational data worldwide. Data covering all aspects of the Aviation landscape including: aeronautical, weather, flight, traffic flow, airport operations and surveillance data. The ultimate goal being for all data (even data to the aircraft) to be exchanged in accordance to SWIM.

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Here at Snowflake we call ourselves the ‘Data eXchange Company’ because that’s what we do best, we provide software products, cloud services, consultancy and training, to enable you to exchange data in accordance to SWIM. What’s unique in our approach is that we do this from your existing systems, meaning you don’t have to replace your existing investment to achieve the benefits of SWIM. We can help you 3 ways:

1. Load

Use our GO Loader Aviation product to load and integrate real-time operational data from authoritative sources such as EUROCONTROL Network Manager B2B Services and/or FAA SWIM Services into your systems.

GO Loader

2. Publish

Use our GO Publisher product to publish and exchange your data from your existing systems in accordance to SWIM, including support for the latest SWIM exchange standards such as AIXM, WXXM and FIXM.

GO Publisher

3. Distribute

Use our Laminar Data cloud platform to manage, share and monetize your data in accordance to SWIM, enabling internal and/or external App Developers to quickly build value-add operational applications in a secure environment.

Laminar Data

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