The beauty of developing our software with open standards is that it is incredibly versatile. So versatile in fact that it is not tied into any schema, dataset or industry sector. We call this adaptability being ‘schema aware’.

Being Schema Aware enables our software to be used across a range of industries, and whilst we have specialist expertise in a number of areas we have specifically designed our products to be generic in nature to enable you to take advantage of their power data loading, management and publishing functionality – wherever you work.


Air Traffic Management

Specialists in data exchange, SESAR Associate Partners and as members of the MOSIA consortium, Snowflake Software provides a complete Next Generation ATM layer to enable SWIM compliant data exchange via Open Standards.

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Data Providers

We provide enterprise data exchange solutions to help organisations manage and publish data products, without the need for code or complex scripting, so they can increase flexibility with new routes to market.

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Ordnance Survey Data

We enable UK organisations to load and manage Ordnance Survey data products, such as OS Master Map, without the need for code or complex scripting, so they can easily benefit from all the rich information within.

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Hear from our users

We had no experience of managing such a large data set but with input from Snowflake we avoided making any major mistakes.

Dave Stewart

Forestry Commission

Since GO Loader reads GML generically, if there are any new data schemas we do not need to wait for new software releases.

Fiona Thomas

Forth Valley GIS

“The graphical user interface of GO Publisher is great for productivity, enabling us to quickly create new mappings

Andrew Seales