Airservices, an Australian government owned organisation, provides the aviation industry with aeronautical data, telecommunications, navigation services and aviation rescue fire fighting services, as well as managing air traffic operations for over 90 million passengers on more than 4 million flights yearly. Airservices had a requirement to provide a flight planning service, and needed to ensure that all aeronautical information used was valid. GO Loader Aviation is used to create a full temporality based AIXM 5.1 database with all tables, indexes and spatial types established to support the full AIXM 5.1 model. Read the full case study here.


Airways provides air traffic control and air navigation services across New Zealand’s 30 million square kilometres of airspace, managing more than 1 million air traffic movements each year. Airways wanted to develop a metrics system that would measure operational performance of the air navigation process in order to optimise productivity for their customers and passengers travel experience. GO Loader Aviation is used to publish air navigation data in a standardised form (AIXM) into a database that the metrics system can use. Read the full case study here.


The Danish Geodata Agency has big ambitions to harmonise all of the geo-data in Denmark and distribute it via Open Standards. Part of the KMD team, Snowflake has deployed an Enterprise Site licence of GO Publisher WFS in an auto-scaling cloud platform which enables all government agencies to deliver INSPIRE and Open Data without installing any software on their site. KMD chose GO Publisher due to its interactive schema mapping interface, scalability and rapid deployment.


As one of the eight New Zealand Crown Research Institutes, Landcare Research New Zealand is responsible for the measurement, management and protection of New Zealand’s terrestrial biodiversity and land resources. With all this value to the public in its datasets, Landcare needed a flexible, scalable and extensible system to serve out its data that not only supported open standards but also the complex data models needed by its customers. GO Publisher WFS was selected for its ability to work on top of existing databases and its simple configuration for publication to complex data. Through utilising Snowflake’s GO Publisher WFS Landcare have been able to get a robust, data delivery service for their new National Soils database up and running in just a matter of days.


The world’s leading provider of environmental and weather-related services, the Met Office, supplies solutions and services to the general public, government and schools, broadcasters, and the civil aviation. The Met Office deploys GO Publisher WFS within its web orientated architecture, delivering millions of hits per day to its browser products such as Open Roads. GO Publisher WFS is the mediation layer between the Met Office core databases and the web, ensuring rapid configuration and publication of web products.


NATS, the UK’s leading provider of air traffic control services, handles 2.2 million flights and 220 million passengers in UK airspace each year. Originally collaborating in the 2013 EUROCONTROL SWIM Master Class, Snowflake and NATS developed a prototype to demonstrate how reduced stack holding over London Heathrow could provide both economic and environmental savings. The successful project, now fully operational, uses GO Publisher to publish arrival sequence and temporal information to the adjacent control centres. Since its original trial in April 2014 it has so far saved 8000 tonnes of CO2 and £1.65 million in airline and ground costs. Read the full case study here.


The UK’s national mapping agency is one of the largest geospatial Data Providers in the world, delivering 100’s of gigabytes of topographic map data every day. A long standing customer since 2002, Ordnance Survey has an Enterprise Site licence of Snowflake’s products and deploys them in three of its largest systems: GO Publisher Workflow publishes OS MasterMap (Ordnance Survey’s largest revenue generating product) to its customer base, GO Publisher and GO Loader Workflow exchanges data to all Ordnance Survey surveyors, and finally through our partner 1Spatial, GO Loader and GO Publisher performs the data exchange within Ordnance Survey’s generalisation programme.