Papers & Talks

Free whitepapers and presentations on data exchange via Open Standards featuring GML, Ordnance Survey Data, EC INSPIRE Directive, PSMA, SESAR and more.

All these papers and presentations have been presented by the expert team at Snowflake Software including Ian Painter, Eddie Curtis, Richard Rombouts, Alex Brooker and Debbie Wilson.

Developing multi-functional “sensor” web service platform for citizen sensing

This presentation, as presented at the INSPIRE Conference 2013 by Richard Rombouts, summarises the outcomes of the air quality prototype undertaken as part of the CITI-SENSE FP7 R&D project, focusing on the development of a sensor-based Citizens’ Observatory Community for improving quality of life in cities, which focuses on assessing the use of OGC SWE and INSPIRE data specification and web services within applications.

Deploying Marine and Coastal Data Services in the Cloud

This workshop, as presented by Snowflake and SeaZone at the INSPIRE Conference 2013, aims to demonstrate how straightforward it is to deploy INSPIRE data services alongside non-INSPIRE data services for the marine and coastal environment using readily available pan-European data sets.

SESAR SWIM Master Class

Download our free whitepaper detailing our best-in-class award winning SESAR SWIM Master Class prototype Building SWIM B2B Web Services Using Open Standards

OS MasterMap it’s not a Map but Data

Ian’s presentation on ‘OS MasterMap it’s not a Map – but Data’ delivered at  AGI GeoCommunity ’12: Sharing the Power of Place – held in Nottingham, UK OS MasterMap it’s not a map – but data from Snowflake Software In 2001 Ian Painter led the team responsible for OS MasterMap. This ground-breaking project took Ordnance


AIXM, WXXM, FIXM – a unified approach to modelling ATM

Ian’s presentation on ‘AIXM, WXXM, FIXM – the power of a unified approach to modelling ATM’ delivered at the 2012 FAA ATIE Conference in Silver Spring, USA. AIXM, WXXM, FIXM a unified approach to Modelling from Snowflake Software

INSPIRE Annex I Data Transformation

Sharing Practical Experiences At this year’s INSPIRE Conference 2012 held in Istanbul, Turkey, Richard Rombouts presented our experience working with Natural England to transform and publish their datasets to the INSPIRE Annex I theme.   Over the last two years, INSPIRE Annex I data providers from across Europe have been working on harmonising their datasets


Response to Ordnance Survey’s OS MasterMap Software Checklist

The Ordnance Survey produced a checklist of questions for use by technical staff evaluating software for use with OS MasterMap data. GO Loader is proven as the leading software for managing OS MasterMap. Below are responses to the Ordnance Survey checklist 1-3 of 18. (Download the full Response to Ordnance Survey’s OS MasterMap Software Checklist detailing answers to


Adopting Open Standards for S100

S100 is shaping up to be the interoperability shot in the arm for the maritime industry, but it is just the start. Download the free whitepaper to learn more...

Benefits of Model Driven Data Migration

Eddie recent spoke at the EuroSDR Workshop on PostGIS DBMS, discussing the benefits on a model driven approach to data migration. This is an approach we have been using at Snowflake to migrate data from legacy databases to a new database infrastructure.....

SWIMing in a Weather and Aeronautical Information Standards Soup

Ian Painter took to the seminar theatre at ATC Global 2012 talking about System Wide Information Management (SWIM) with his talk entitled: “SWIMing in a Weather and Aeronautical Information Standards Soup”. Download our free white paper on SWIM which complimented Ian’s presentation at ATC Global 2012. Watch Ian’s seminar recorded live at ATC Global 2012.