GO Publisher 2.0 WFS

GO Publisher WFS (web feature service) is a robust and scalable server option of the GO Publisher product range designed for data delivery via the web (intranet or internet).


What makes GO Publisher unique from other OGC Web Feature Services, is that it’s a translating web feature service. Most WFS on the market are not translating, they directly publish a source database model into a fixed schema. GO Publisher WFS takes a different approach, enabling you to publish from a source database model into any number of given application schema. The result is the ability to share data with a wider communitiy without the disruption (and cost) of having to change your internal database structure or create a new one each time you want to share data.


GO Publisher WFS provides real time, on-demand access to your data via internationally recognised ISO and OGC standards.


Scalable robust performance

Designed for the enterprise, where scalability and performance are paramount. Our largest install currently in production has over 30,000 users and delivers 10′s of gigabytes of GML on a daily basis.


GO Publisher WFS uses the advanced graphical configuration interface of GO Publisher Desktop providing you with enterprise web publishing.


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Get up and running quickly

With its one click deployment and simple install wizard, you can be up and running with GO Publisher WFS in no time at all. Save time and increase productivity with extensive translating capabilities all controlled via an intuitive point and click user interface. Furthermore, with our comprehensive support you also have peace of mind and a wealth of experience should you need any help.

On-demand access to data

Delivering data via GO Publisher WFS removes the need for file distribution and ensures users receive the most up-to-date data direct to their application or GIS. This removes costly data management overheads and encourages more users to work with your data by minimising their setup costs and receiving updates automatically.

Guaranteed interoperability

GO Publisher WFS is designed around ISO and OGC open standards technology - translating your data into the ISO standard format GML and publishing it via the OGC Web Feature Service standard. Data published using GO Publisher WFS is compliant with INSPIRE data specifications so you can be immediately compliant with the EU legislation.

Share your data with a wider community

Extend the reach of your data by publishing out to consumer mapping tools such as Google, Bing or Yahoo! to enhance visualisation. Additionally, because GO Publisher WFS also acts as a translating WFS, you can translate your data to publish to any GML community schema.

Meet your customer and business demands

GO Publisher WFS is a reliable enterprise solution providing a scalable, robust yet flexible infrastructure to suit your business applications.

  • Deploys in middle tier for high scalability
  • Support 100's of concurrent users
  • Supports numerous operating systems and hardware platforms

Off-the-shelf Spatial Data Infrastructure

As a Translating Web Feature Service, GO Publisher WFS plays an integral part in the infrastructure for countrywide, European and international legislations demanding the sharing of data across government bodies and organisations. The SDI infrastructure is a prime concern in allowing organisations to better address social, economic, and environmental issues of critical importance.

  • Off-the-shelf Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI)
  • Enables participation in cross border initiatives
  • Solves local community data sharing

Protect your engineering resources

Because this intuitive GUI driven product can be deployed with configuration rather than customisation, no programming or technical, in-depth knowledge of complex scripting languages is required. As a result you can free up resource for more technically complex system development. Additionally, the open standards nature of the product means the same database model and translation tools can be re-used to serve multiple new GML application schemas.

  • Out of box deployment of a translating Web Feature Service
  • Reuse an existing database model to WFS and then to numerous new GML application schemas

Future proof your investment

The GO Publisher suite of products are fully interoperable so any investment in data translation made at one level is fully deployable within any other level. Giving you a migration path from desktop to enterprise.