GO Publisher Desktop for XML

The benefits of Open Data are driving public and private organisations to exchange information in an open manner. This requirement can be an internal one to reduce duplication and improve efficiency or an external one to exchange information with another organisation or the citizen. Open Data is all about making data available in an easy to use and intuitive form.


No matter what the requirement, XML is the data exchange language of choice. Adhering to widely adopted W3C standards and supported by all the major IT vendors, XML provides a means of exchanging information in a vendor and platform neutral manner.



If you need to publish XML from a mainstream database or even an Excel spreadsheet GO Publisher Desktop is the ideal choice.


GO Publisher Desktop is the configuration tool for GO Publisher Workflow and WFS, providing a comprehensive graphical user interface with ‘point and click’ functionality for advanced publication of your data.


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Customers use GO Publisher Desktop for:

  • Supporting Open Data initiatives
  • Adhering to Government reporting requirements
  • Meeting transparency agendas
  • Moving data from legacy systems
  • Moving data from one database model to another
  • Meeting INSPIRE obligations
  • Business to Business data exchange
  • Government to Citizen data exchange
  • Publishing data in the OGC Geography Markup Language (GML)
  • Data visualisation in Google Earth and Google Maps

XML Data Exchange Scenarios

GO Publisher Desktop supports two core scenarios :

  • I have been given an XML exchange Schema and I need to publish my data to it
  • I need to create an XML exchange Schema and share my data with others


  • Support for all mainstream databases: Oracle, SQL Server, PostGres, MySQL, DB2
  • Direct support: for MS Access, MS Excel
  • Installs on: Windows (32bit & 64bit), Linux and MacOSX
  • Intuitive graphical user interface for mapping between source data and target data
  • Integrated XML Validation to ensure data quality and compliance
  • Numerous extension points for complex mapping transformations
    • SQL functions
    • XSLT functions
    • Java extensions
  • Support for Geometry types to publish to the Geography Markup Language (GML)
  • Support for Geometry types to publish to KML for Google Earth and Google Maps


Reduce your skills dependancy

GO Publisher Desktop for Workflow and WFS is completely GUI driven and requires no programming or knowledge of complex scripting languages such as XSLT. As a result Desktop de-skills the process of publishing to XML and frees up valuable engineering skills.