GO Publisher Agent is a bulk file publishing system, capable of delivering large volumes (gigabytes) of XML/GML data to large numbers of data consumers. Designed to integrate into a data ordering system, GO Publisher Agent has a comprehensive command line and SQL interface to support numerous commonly used supply patterns.


GO Publisher Agent currently supports three order types: complete database, geographic selection and free-form query. If the resulting order is too large to supply as a single file, the order can be divided up into multiple parts – ‘chunks’. GO Publisher Agent currently supports geographic chunking, file size chunking and property chunking all of which can be delivered compressed or uncompressed.

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Data distribution using Open Standards

GO Publisher Agent publishes data in XML - the de facto way of sharing data across networks. By having your data available in XML format today, your company is already future proofing its investment. With standards for legislations and government initiatives being finalized (e-GIF, INSPIRE etc), your data will already be compliant, enabling you to participate in the initiatives and be first to market as they come into force.

  • Bulk publishing with Open Standards in any XML format
  • Batch publishing of geographic data to GML

Retain your existing supply patterns

GO Publisher Agent enables you to continue doing business the way you are accustomed. There is no need to alter any of the existing supply or work-flow patterns since you get to define how, where and when the data is published. GO Publisher even provides for ability to schedule the file generation and delivery minimize impact on everyday business practices.

  • Implement Open Standards into existing supply patterns - no change required
  • Easy integration into existing work-flow
  • Enables scheduled file generation

Flexible and Robust

Part of the Server family suite, GO Publisher Agent is designed for enterprise solutions, providing a scalable and robust infrastructure to suit your business needs while remaining flexible in its platform support. Designed to process, translate and deliver multiple XML / GML files in batch format, GP Publisher Agent provides optional support for compression and chunking of data.

  • Scalable and robust - designed for enterprise solutions
  • Supports multiple platforms
  • Optional support for compression and chunking

Future proof you investment

The GO Publisher suite of products from desktop to Web Feature Server are fully interoperable so any investment in data translation made in the desktop version are fully deployable within the GO Publisher Agent. Similarly, GO Publisher Agent could provide an interim platform enabling migration to enterprise publishing in the future.

  • Shares comprehensive GUI functionality of GO Publisher Desktop
  • Easy upgrade from GO Publisher Desktop
  • Easy upgrade path to GO Publisher WFS

Utilising the same intuitive graphical configuration interface as GO Publisher Desktop, GO Publisher Agent provides an easy migration path to enterprise publishing by reusing all setup and configuration options available in GO Publisher Desktop.