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GO Loader is the complete, easy-to-use solution for data loading, modelling, translation and management of content delivered in Geography Markup Language (GML) into your Oracle (Spatial and Locator), SQL Server 2008 or PostGIS database.


Its unique ‘schema aware’ technology makes it different from any other tool on the market. All GML datasets come with an XML Schema, so just point GO Loader at the schema and it adapts itself to support the dataset.

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Schema Aware technology

It really is that simple. Whether that dataset be OS MasterMap Topo , OS MasterMap ITNOS VectorMap, OS Address Base, GeoSciML, AIXM, WXXM, FIXM, IMRO, Top10NL, Top50NL (in fact any of the NEN3610 information models), all the Annex I, II & III INSPIRE schemas, GO Loader supports them all. You don’t have to wait for us to develop code to support new datasets, just point GO Loader at the schema and your work is done! In fact the UK Ordnance Survey use GO Loader not only to load and manage it’s national coverages of OS MasterMap but also for the data management of its internal data, GO Loader supports it but we’ve never seen the dataset or the schema!


More than just a loading tool

All this data is great, but what do you really want to do with the data? And what do you want to get out of it? Because GO Loader is more than just a loading tool. The real value of GO Loader is in the unique modelling, translation and data management functionality that helps you model and store the data in a manner tailored to the needs of your business.   GO Loader does the heavy lifting for you – quickly, easily and reliably, leaving you free to focus on delivering the benefits delivering valuable data out to your business.


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