Eurocontrol ADR Data: What is it, and what does it mean for me?

A wealth of aeronautical information is already being produced by agencies and ANSPs across Europe.  The ADR pulls this information together, and makes it available for aviation data consumers utilizing open standards, such as AIXM 5.1.  These data consumers, including ANSPs and airlines will now be able to access the following services: e-RAD, including the full ..

Load Eurocontrol ADR Data with GO Loader Aviation 1.1

Do you need to load, manage and analyze airspace data from the Eurocontrol Airspace Data Repository (ADR)? Or are you confused about the benefits to your organization of this valuable dataset? Here at Snowflake we have support on hand to help you get the most from this real time operational data. Today we’ve shipped GO ..

Cross-border trial cuts Heathrow holding times

“Although early in the lifecycle of such a significant groundbreaking trail, the benefits shown here from the XMAN project are very impressive. As a project led by NATS and in close cooperation with French air traffic control provider, DSNA, the Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre, Prestwick Control Centre, the Shannon Control Centre and Irish Aviation Authority, ..

Holiday Support 2014

We are nearing that time of year again. The Christmas tree is up in the Snowflake office, and everyone is busy putting their final preparations in place for Christmas. The Snowflake office will be closed on December 25th and 26th, and again on the 1st of January 2015 as we welcome in the new year. As ..

New AIM Training Dates!

Wondering what the SWIM information exchange models are all about and how they’ll impact your system operations? Register today for our AIM data standards courses to learn all about these exchange models, how they fit in the big picture, and how to position yourself to be ready to embrace the changes and adapt your systems, ..