New AIM Training Dates!

Wondering what the SWIM information exchange models are all about and how they’ll impact your system operations? Register today for our AIM data standards courses to learn all about these exchange models, how they fit in the big picture, and how to position yourself to be ready to embrace the changes and adapt your systems, ..

GO Publisher 3.1 is now available

• All our API Calls now follow RESTful industry standards for enterprise integration, the result is a faster response time and better integration to Service Orientation Architecture (SOA) • We have added a new API call to combine both Create and Start job functions, making job creation 100 times faster than the previous release and ..

Unwrapped: ATCA Annual Conference 2014

FAA SWIM Connect A big driver at ATCA was the FAA SWIM Connect spotlight event located within the exhibition hall itself – featuring how the FAA’s SWIM is transforming all phases of flight with their partner programs. The event was an example of collaboration between the FAA, industry, international and users in the aviation community ..