It is the time of year in the UK for hot cross buns, copious amounts of chocolate and family gatherings. Easter is upon us, and so to are the two bank-holidays that come with the traditional holiday. The Snowflake office will be closed on Friday April 3rd and Monday April 6th, with business as usual recommencing on ..

Groundbreaking Cross Border Arrivals Trial Wins IHS  Jane’s ATC Award

GO Publisher provides award winning aviation data exchange for XMAN We’re proud to announce that the groundbreaking Heathrow XMAN cross border arrivals management trial has received prestigious recognition at the annual IHS Jane’s ATC Awards in Madrid, Spain this week – winning the Enabling Technology Award. The collaborative project involving NATS, Snowflake Software, French air ..

Eurocontrol NM B2B Web Services – Airspace Data

A wealth of aeronautical information is already being produced by agencies and ANSPs across Europe.  The Eurocontrol NM B2B Web Services – Airspace Data pulls this information together, and makes it available for aviation data consumers utilizing open standards, such as AIXM 5.1.  These data consumers, including ANSPs and airlines will now be able to access the ..