14 years old and growing fast

Today it’s been 14 years since Eddie and I founded Snowflake. Last night we took some customers over from the US to The Guide Dog pub in Southampton where we founded the company over a few beers. I hadn’t been back for 10 years so it was quite a trip down memory lane. The pub ..

GO Publisher WFS 4.0 Release

We are extremely excited to announce that the latest version of GO Publisher WFS (version 4.0) is now available. Find out what’s included in the new update below. Dynamic Deployment Improve scalability and reduce infrastructure costs with GO Publisher WFS 4.0. You can now deploy and manage 100’s of WFS’ on a single server via a simple ..

Snowflake announces Laminar Data

The first cloud platform on the market for managing, sharing and monetising aeronautical data We’re proud to announce Laminar Data, a secure public and private cloud-based platform for managing, sharing and monetising aeronautical data. Continuing to build on our innovative technology and award-winning software products as a foundation for the platform, Laminar Data enables the secure sharing and distribution ..

GO Loader Aviation enables Airways New Zealand to measure operational performance

Airways provides air traffic control and air navigation services across New Zealand’s 30 million square kilometres of airspace, managing more than one million air traffic movements per year. Renowned globally for leading innovation and development in the aviation sector, Airways also delivers air navigation and air traffic management consultancy and training services in over 65 ..

GO Loader Aviation enables Airservices Australia to validate aeronautical information

  Airservices is an Australian government owned organisation providing safe, secure, efficient and environmentally responsible services to the aviation industry. The organisation provides the industry with aeronautical data, telecommunications, navigation services and aviation rescue fire fighting services. In managing air traffic operations for over 90 million passengers on more than four million flights every year the organisation has ..