Ordnance Survey DataA long time ago in a galaxy far away the founders of Snowflake Software, Ian and Eddie, once worked for Ordnance Survey where they were the technical leads responsible for the creation of OS MasterMap (here’s the original OS blog post from back in 2001). Over the years all that ‘insider’ knowledge has gone into making GO Loader the tool of choice for loading and managing OS data within an Oracle, SQL Server or PostGIS database.



OS DatasetsLoading Ordnance Survey Data

GO Loader enables you to get the most out of your Ordnance Survey products, with comprehensive support for OS MasterMap Topo, OS MasterMap ITN, all of the new OS AddressBase editions plus OS VectorMap Local. We’re proud of the fact that no other tool on the market manages more national coverage datasets than GO Loader.


GO Loader loads hundreds of millions of OS MasterMap features on a daily basis from Local Authorities to the UK’s leading companies.



Generic Engine

We’ve built GO Loader to be different to other tools, its generic loading engine means that it’s not ‘hardwired’ to a particular product or dataset. So when the Ordnance Survey creates a new product or updates a product, GO Loader adapts itself automatically without the need for product upgrade.


GO Loader for Ordnance Survey Data

Load Any GML Data

The great news for our Public Sector customers is that you can use GO Loader to load all GML products that come under the Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PSMA) and One Scotland Agreement. And of course, because GO Loader is standards based, you can load any GML dataset and are not restricted to just PSMA data (for example OS OpenData, INSPIRE, or Open Street Map).


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