INSPIREINSPIRE is a European Parliament framework directive to improve the way spatial information and services are brought together across Europe. Here at Snowflake we provide data exchange solutions, training and resources to help organisations achieve INSPIRE compliance.


Data Exchange and INSPIRE

The INSPIRE Directive aims to create a European Union spatial data infrastructure to improve the accessibility, interoperability , and sharing of environmental spatial information among public sector organisations, assist in environmental polict making, and improve public access to spatial information across Europe.


Legal requirement

To achieve this interoperability, public and private organisations within the European member states are required by law to transform their data to a common understanding (Themes) and exchange that understanding through a set of standardised services (Network Services).


Clare Hadley from Ordnance Survey and Ian discuss what is INSPIRE, what it means and why it is important.




Transform, Harmonise and Exchange

To comply with the Directive, organisations must encode or transform their geospatial data in GML and make it available to the wider community to enable the exchange of data in a consistent manner, through a set of harmonised services. Our involvement in pre-INSPIRE testing programmes such as RISE and ORCHESTRA, and with European organisations in the creation of INSPIRE Data Themes, has enabled us to deliver a tried, tested and trusted INSPIRE data harmonisation and exchange solution.


There are two key elements to INSPIRE, both of which we can help organisations achieve:

  1. Data Harmonisation - See how our GO Publisher product can help you Create INSPIRE Data.
  2. Data Exchange - See how our GO Publisher WFS product can help you create and deploy an INSPIRE Download Service