Download the ATM Viewer for AIXM here!

Developed using Snowflake’s GML API for Java and the NASA’s WorldWind SDK, our free to download ATM Viewer enables users to visualise and interact with AIXM 5, AIXM 5.1, and IWXXM data on a 3D globe.


Our ATM Viewer is free for commercial use. Feature highlights include:

  • 3D Visualization of AIXM 5.0 and AIXM 5.1
  • Visualization of IWXXM data as graphical layers
  • Support for Digital NOTAMs
  • World wide detailed backdrop imagery from Bing
  • Globe as well as Flat Earth views
  • 3D Terrain support
  • Smooth airspace layers slider
  • Add your own OGC Web Map Service (WMS)
  • Fast, extensible AIXM parsing based on Snowflake’s proven GML API for Java
  • Detailed domain model providing access to all features and properties
  • Free to download and free for commercial use 
  • Future enhancements to support FIXM data


Read about the new features available in version, 1.0.6, and 2. Version 2.1 is now available to install with improved support for IWXXM 1.0.

GO ahead. Download the ATM Viewer today

    “With 3D structures, easy navigation, and quick rendering, the ATM viewer is outstanding for visualizing AIXM airport mapping data.”

Joshua Silvey
Aeronautical Specialist

Our ATM Viewer for AIXM and IWXXM makes the visualisation of complex aeronautical information quick and easy, without the requirement for any additional software. We’ve integrated our GML API for Java with NASA’s World Wind SDK, enabling users to fly around the globe and view their AIXM data in 3D over digital satellite imagery from Bing.


Working closely with the FAA and EUROCONTROL on the NextGen and SESAR projects, we’re providing solutions to improve the management and distribution of aeronautical, flight and weather information.


Our ATM Viewer reuses the core GML API technology in our GO Loader and GO Publisher products to provide a suite of components to enable System Wide Information Management (SWIM) to existing systems.

    “We use the ATM Viewer every day, for training and understanding AIXM”

Felix Rubio
Group EAD

DOWNLOAD the ATM Viewer                                     DOWNLOAD Sample data


Feedback on this free software is welcome, feel free to get in touch via email.