The beauty of developing our software with open standards is that it is versatile. So versatile in fact that it is not tied into any schema, dataset or industry sector.

We specialise in:

Modernising Air Traffic Management with Open Standards. Specialists in data exchange, SESAR Associate Partners and members of the MOSIA consortium, we provide a complete Next Generation ATM layer to enable System Wide Information Management (SWIM).




Off-the-shelf data exchange and management solutions for Data Providers including National Mapping Agencies, Hydrological Surveys, Cadastral Agencies, Transport Agencies, Meteorological Surveys, Geological Surveys.




Transform, harmonise and exchange data to achieve INSPIRE compliance. Our GO Publisher software provides you with an easy to use interface to transform and harmonise your data into any of the INSPIRE Annex Themes, and make your data available to the wider INSPIRE community via an INSPIRE Download Service – Web Feature Service (WFS) or ATOM feed.



Geospatial information and intelligence via Open Standards for the Defence domain. We’re driving the development and real world use of Open Standards, profiles and domain specific exchange models to help make the understanding, exchange and exploitation of GEOINT more coherent and consistent.





Load and manage Ordnance Survey data with GO Loader. For local and central government to large private organisations, we are helping teams load and manage Ordnance Survey Data products to enable forward planning, logistics and informed decision making based on this valuable data.