GML ViewerOur free GML Viewer reads any GML2 or GML3 application schema and has pre-defined styling for OS MasterMap (Great Britain), IMRO2006 (The Netherlands), TOP10NL (The Netherlands) and AAA-NAS (Germany).


If you’re new to GML why not take our online GML Fundamentals training course, you can also read the spec of the OGC website


If you’re working with AIXM data you might wish to download our free ATM Viewer specifically for AIXM, or for those working with OS MasterMap datasets head over and download our free OSMM Viewer.

GML ViewerFree to Download!Free To Download




Free to download, the GML Viewer uses the core framework of our OS MasterMap Viewer and a subset of the generic parsing technology used in GO Loader. Over 30,000 users have downloaded the viewer so far, making it the most popular free GML viewing tool available. But don’t just take our word for it, download it today and try it for yourself.


Download the Viewer here!

Our GML Viewer supports all this – for free:

  • Read any GML 2 or GML 3 application schemas
  • In-built style support for IMRO2006, TOP10NL, AAA-NAS and OS MasterMap
  • Read WinZip, GZip and uncompressed GML files, up to 1900 features/second
  • Light Load option loads twice as much data in half speed
  • Load multiple files in a single view
  • Save and load user defined styles
  • Display feature attributes, and compare attributes of multiple features
  • Display the number of features for each feature type loaded
  • Display features by attribute and/or a combination of attribute values
  • Single and multiple feature selection
  • Dockable windows supports tiling and iconifying
  • Position tracking showing X,Y of cursor position
  • Switch between display for fast redraw and display for high quality cartography
  • Reposition view to user defined position or reference
  • Zoom in/out by bounding rectangle or by single mouse click.
  • Pan by dragging map display or using fixed direction


We have extensive experience with a variety of international GML application schema. If you would like to list your GML schema within our sample data or would like to see pre-defined styling for a schema not yet supported, please contact our friendly folks in the Support team.