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GML Viewer Download

New release (v4.0) of the GML Viewer now available for download, see the release notes for more detail

The GML Viewer is available with or without a Java virtual machine. If you have Java 1.6 or higher installed on your machine choose the ‘without Java VM’ option. If you do not have java installed or are unsure which version you have installed download the ‘includes Java VM’ option.

Available Installers:

Should you decide to choose an installer without a contained Java VM, then Java 1.6 or higher must already be installed on your machine.


With Java 1.6

Without Java

Windows 32 bit Download (18.5 M) Download (5.1 M)
Solaris setup executable Download (27.7 M) Contact Us
Linux setup executable Download (23.5 M) Contact Us
Generic Unix setup executable N/A Download (4.4 M)
Generic Unix tar.gz archive N/A Download (4.4 M)
Mac OS X N/A Download (4.8 M)


Note: If you are downloading Solaris or Linux installers on Windows using Internet Explorer, right click the appropriate link and select ‘Save Target As…’ or right click the appropriate link and select ‘Save Link As…’ if you download using Mozilla Firefox.

Get started!

Find hints and tips for downloading, installing and using our GML Viewer on our Wiki or watch our quick installation video guide.

Our Wiki has some great resources for getting the most out our our
GML Viwer including the GML Viewer User Guide showing the Default DisplaysMenu OptionsTool Bar and Status Bar functions as well as Schema Pack information and
product release notes.


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