Snowflake Software provides standards-based Open Data Exchange solutions. We have offices in Southampton, UK – famous for pioneers, adventurers and engineering advances (check out the Pilgrim Fathers, the Titanic and Spitfire airplanes) – and also in Washington DC, USA.

In the beginning….

It all started back in 2001 when former Ordnance Survey colleagues Ian Painter and Eddie Curtis took the plunge and set up Snowflake. With a passion for software development and geospatial data the guys wanted to build a techy company to develop software tools that enable data exchange. From day one the vision has always been to develop generic commercial off-the-shelf software. It started with a free OS MasterMap GML viewer and over 10 years later we are providing enterprise data exchange software to organisations around the world.

From just two techies the company has grown to a truly international business with offices in the UK and USA, maintained its diverse and vibrant culture, and is still building cutting edge software. Discover more >>

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What’s in a name?

In our industry there are so many geo, info, map, spatial, tech, thingy named companies that it’s hard to stand out. We decided to break the mould. Yes we get some strange looks, but nobody forgets our name.

So why Snowflake Software? Well, our founders Ian and Eddie are both software engineers by trade and whilst Ian’s first software program printed Hello World on screen, Eddie’s first software program was a Snowflake crystal emulator – thus the name Snowflake Software and the reason why Eddie turned out to be our CTO!