Pardon the pun, but I just couldn’t resist trying to cram as many ‘Snow’ related jokes in as possible, seems fitting from a company called Snowflake Software. But I will resist. Promise.


Snowflake Snow large.jpg

Snow in Southampton

Last night we had our helping of the country’s latest Snow flurries. And whilst the snow has been making the news across the country, it really is an unusual sight in Southampton due to our mild and tropical climate (!!). 

Look at this photo on the left – this was our office at Midnight last night and was taken by our Pre & Post Sales Technical Consultant Dan, who, as you can tell, has a passion for photography in his spare time. 


Business as usual for Snowflake 

Despite the snow, we’re open for business as usual today, so if you’ve got any questions about our products or services, or perhaps you’ve got a question for one of our support team, you can get in touch in the normal way:

And for any other information, you can take a look through our website: 


Coming soon – a new Customer Portal

We’re currently working on a brand new Customer Portal, and we’ll be contacting customers next week with letters and emails to let you know about the great new changes, when the new changes will take place and what you need to do.

Have you changed your details? If you’re not sure if we’ve got the most up to date details for you, get in touch with a member of the team and we’ll update our records for you. Look out for the letters and emails coming next week.


If you’re out and about, take care and keep warm. And if you’ve got pictures of the snow, share them with us. We love a bit of Snow at Snowflake.


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